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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Just catching up

Hello there,

How time is flying and things are ok here in my little piece of earth.  The house is now paid for, every brick is ours and no one can take it away, and I have to say it is a very empowering feeling. 

Empowerment has been the theme of my week.  I feel something in side of me has either switched on or switched off, but whatever it is that has happened I can only say it is making me feel "grown up" .  My counselling sessions are coming to an end which is very very scary.  Helayna my counsellor has been a tower of strength and I truly believe in her abilities so when it comes to an end I hope I can stay positive.

More card orders have come in so that will keep me busy for a number of hours and my coat of many colours is coming along nicely too. 

I even managed to go along to the Pearls of Wisdom on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are at the Octagon this Wednesday but girls, I will definitely be there the week after.

Looking forward to our break in Lille and the Menin Gate, although it will be very emotional I am sure.  I will tell you more when we return.  Don't want to say more as there are nastly little spies out there who will tell tales on when we are away and we don't want to get into trouble do we.......

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