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Friday, 5 December 2014

Where does time go....?

Hi there,

I am absolutely flabbergasted that it has been so long since my last post.   I have been so caught up in work, and making cards for friends, the orders have been coming in thick and fast, time has definitely not been on my side.  I am up at 5ish every morning doing household chores, leaving for work at 7:30ish and getting home around 530 each evening,  By the time I have cooked tea, watched the news and made a card it is 930pm and time for bed.  Weekends are just as bad, Saturday is Billybread day, a whole day devoted to time with him as this is the only day we share in a week so is very special, and normally Becs shares it too.    Sundays is cleaning, washing and cooking and perhaps an hour with Elaine Paige on the radio and a card make, again tea when Bill is home from work and then bed and the weeks fly past again.  

Ofsted fever at work is getting a little to much for me, living on my nerves from week to week, I just wish they would come and get it all over with.  It is causing my Fibromyalgia  to flare up and as it is invisible to see I don't think work realise how much it is taking out of me to be living in a highly stressful atmosphere day after day, week after week, since September.  

Anyway, moan over, from where I was last year at this time, I am in an alright place, even if my body doesn't think so.

My makes recently are

Xmas 2014

Sister Birthday

Daughter Birthday
40th Birthdays

and finally a wedding card

If I don't get back to say it have a lovely Christmas and a happy healthy new year.

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