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Sunday, 11 September 2016

That darn Daryl the Quirky Turkey!

I restarted blogging with the intent to write every day, but once again personal and family issues took over.  The best news is that our new granddaughter Darcy Rose was born on 1st September 2016 at 11:27 weighing in at 6lb 12oz.  She is just as beautiful as her mum and sister.  We couldn't go and visit until she was a week old as we were hit with the Norovirus, so stayed away until we knew we were bug free.  The sad news is that my husband's cancer has decided, after 3 years of not doing anything, decided it would have a spirt of a growth, so we have been going backwards and forwards to hospitals etc, any way, to cut a long story short, Bill is going into hospital in a few weeks to have Sidney the kidney removed, and then hopefully he will be cancer free. He has had a long 3 years living with cancer in various parts of his body and we are keeping everything crossed that the surgery goes well and that the "C" doesn't rear its ugly head again.

Anyway, back to crafting.  I have been battling with trying to recreate an image by Hobby Art to try and get my head around masking. I've been stamping for years and can do very simple masking but when I saw this image I thought it would be a doddle to reproduce it as I really liked the quirkyness of  Daryl the Quirky Turkey stamp set by Hobby Art, after trying to master this art for around an hour I think I have finally cracked some of the masking the original creator used, but I'm sure I have done it the long and more difficult way around, but here is my version, and if anyone out there knows of an easier less messy way, please, please get in touch.

This is the image I am trying - so hard - to recreate. 

Daryl the quirky Turkey
Daryl the Quirky Turkey by Hobby Art

So, what do we need, 
Stamp Set
Black Memento ink pad
Masks cut from sticky notes
Plenty of patience :-)
Practice card - I'm not going to create the whole card we are just going to look at the masking
Crafts-Too - Stampeazee - Stamping Tool
Copic Ciao Pens:- Cool Grey C3; Cool Grey C0; Cool Grey C5; E41 Pearl White; E43 Dull Ivory; E71 Champagne; E25 Caribe Cocoa; R14 Light Rouge; R27 Cadmium Red; YG 17 Grass Green; YG02 Yellow Green; YG 63 Pea Green; RV 95 Baby Blossoms; RV 42 Salmon Pink

Firstly I stamped the bag stamp onto a piece of white card

 I then covered it with a mask cut from a sticky note which I had stamped and cut out before starting.

The next bit is where I came unstuck and  I worked my way through lots of scraps of paper trying to get the next steps right, the "sign post" kept appearing behind the turkey instead of in front and I just couldn't get my head around how to do it.  I kept trying to remember what the great Barbara Gray from Clarity stamps (one of my heroines) has said about masking but whatever I tried I just couldn't get it right, so here is how I did it, but again someone out there will be able to show me an easier way.   I hovered over the bag mask with the main turkey stamp (make sure it doesn't touch your card) placing the stamp so that the head would stamp over the mask, I thenk marked the card with a pale grey pencil, where the wing appears to be holding the sign, or by using my stamping block by

with my  Crafts-Too - Stampeazee - Stamping Tool which I found really useful for this mission. 

I then placed  a mask cut around the wings of Daryl in the place where you have marked the card. 

I stamped the handle stamp over the mask ensuring that a small bit of the end of the handle is stamped below the wing.  

When I removed the wing mask you can see the handle with a gap where the mask was. Remove the wing mask and replace with a mask over the handle of the sign post.  You only need to cover the top part of the handle with the mask, Remember to keep the bag mask on at all times.

 taking a deep breath I stamped Daryl the Quirky Turked as a whole bird.  Here goes -

Not bad, but as you can see I there is a space between the wing and where the handle should go behind the hand, this is were a mico pen comes in so useful to join up the gap, and when, fingers crossed, I removed all the masks I had the image I was aiming for. 

Now I need to finish off the sign post.  I made a mask for the holly on the corner of the sign post, and a mask for the actual sign, in a previous attempt I got to this point and then found out the hard way that I needed these masks and had to start all over again!!! Anyway I digress, I covered the handle of the signpost with the handle mask used previously and a lightly placed the mask for the actual sign, I slid the mask for the holly and berries in position

and then removed the sign mask leaving the holly mask and the handle mask in place, I then stamped the sign over the handle ensuring that the corner of the sign stamped over the bottom berry on the holly mask.

I then stamped the holly stamp into place.  I've made a bit of a mistake with the handle it should look as though the top of the handle is behind the sign, but this can be covered - hopefully - when the image is coloured in.  The final step in this tutorial is to stamp the words into the sign

Now all I need to do is recreate this on a card front and add the background.  I may post a tutorial on the background when I have copied all the steps above.  This is my practice coloured version and colours used. My preference is copic pens.

Please let me introduce yoy to my version of Darly the Quirky Turkey- OOps missed his legs!!

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