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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Blue Christening

Hi there

Didn't manage to get to write yesterday (Sunday) as things were somewhat disjointed.  It may sound ungrateful or unreasonable but my 35 year old daughter presented me with a mug and a tiny tiny bar of chocolate that said to my yummy mummy.  For god sake I am 60 this year, she has never called me mummy let alone yummy mummy.  It was obviously a gift that a daddy would by a toddler to give to their mum.  It is quite obvious that my daughter picked up the first thing she saw and thought 'that'll do" because she couldn't be bothered   I could not hide my disappointment, the said item is now in the bin and on its way to the tip on bin collection day.   If you think I am terrible so be it.  I then sat in my craft room very upset and hurt  to  calm myself down.  I made this lovely little basket for my granddaughter.   Bill was fuming but bit his tongue.  I won't be seeing her again now until mid May which is probably a good thing.  I would have rather received nothing than this horrible cheap and nasty Mug for a Mug - bot not anymore. Rant over.
Been to the docs this morning, staggering like an old drunk, but can't help it.  I am so wobbly on my legs at the moment. Then had to have a lie down to recover.

Well here is the card I've made over the last couple of days.

This is Christening Card Number 1  It is made using the Sheena Douglass 8 x 8 Textures Elements Embossing Folder which  I embossed the Centura Pearl Cream Card.  I then cut it to size trying to ensure that the centre of the embossing pattern was kept to the centre.  I cut the crosses in three different designs the two smaller in cream and the larger in blue. I have tried also to match the rays with the bottom layer.  The blue card used is Creative Expressions Foundation card.  The sentiment was printed on Centura pearl and then embossed with gold detail embossing powder and added pale blue pearls for decoration.  I cut the Sue Wilson Dainty Laced Edger and added again pain blue pearls. 

 Hope to see you back here soon.

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