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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

With a Spring in my step, onwards we go

It seems that the only time I get to do a bit of blogging is either when I am on holiday or ill.   Sadly it is the second reason I'm here today.  But that is all I will say about that.  There are some of my dear friends who are a so much more poorly that I am and one which will very very sadly never come out the other side.  So I am really blessed.

Well what has happened since my last post.

Christmas came and went and we had a lovely family time.  Really enjoyed it.  It was very relaxed and precious family time was the best present I could ever ever get.  I have always longed for and yearned for a family and now I really have one and appreciate them all every day. 

New Year was spent with my best friend, my beautiful Billybread, we had a lovely time in Southport at the Bold Hotel and enjoyed it so much have booked again for New Year 2017.

Bill was well enough to return to work in January and is looking so well.  The kidney cancer was really draining him but until he recovered from the removal of said kidney we didn't realise how much it was taking its toll.

The weight loss was going great, but sadly I have fallen off the wagon.  Keep trying to get back on but failing at the moment, but I will do it.

I had to undergo more surgery in January, but unfortunately all did not go as planned and after much thought and consideration I have decided that I will not be undergoing radiotherapy and will see what happens.

Work has had its ups and downs but the best thing was that we had our followup Ofsted inspection and we got a grade 2, which was thoroughly deserved by the whole college.  We all pulled together under our new leader and what a celebration followed.  We now have to aim for a 1. 

Sitting here writing is so lovely, and therapeutic.  I am watching the birds feeding, the wren coming and going with items for her nest which again is in my hanging basket - can baby wrens remember where they were born?  One returns twice a year and builds in the same place.  We love waiting anxiously for the babies to "drop" from the nest.  It is quite kamikaze really.   How they survive the drop I'll never know, and I am sat here wondering should I go mad and try an acetate masterpiece as shown by Julia Watts yesterday on Hochanda. 

Lots of commissions at the moment, just keep forgetting to photograph them :-/ Here are some I didn't forget to photograph

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