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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Glistening 70th and in the pink

Hello again

Today's post is a 70th Birthday card a friend asked me to make. 

Although it looks very detailed the Sue Wilson Copenhagen and Gemini dies have done all the work really. The most fiddly thing to do was to get the Gemini border piece the right size so had to practice on pieces of scrap card until I got it right.   As always the card base is an 8" x 8" square card, I don't seem to be comfortable with other sizes.  The bow was made using my bow maker, I find this such a useful tool but still feel I struggle to get the perfect bow even by watching videos (see below).  I made the pins behind the bow myself, this was a first for me and I quite like how they turned out, although I had a "moment" when after I had made the stick pins I knocked the very carefully loaded box of beads and findings off my worktop onto my craft room floor.  No I did not swear, honestly I didn't, I just took a deep breath, and tried to retrieve as many of the findings as I could. It is amazing how patient you can be when you are in the house on your own and you are in your creative zone.  Normally I would be jumping up and down calling myself all sorts of names.
Anyway here is the video for the Bow maker, I hope you have a lovely day, and hope you pass by this way again soon.


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