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Sunday, 9 April 2017

#notplayingthegame - Love and Accept You

Happy Palm Sunday

I didn't post a project yesterday  as I have been unwell again and just not able to physically do anything of interest, I am just going to sit and see what happens. 
I am not overly religious but I do have a faith but having been totally disillusioned by the Church I just carry my own faith in my heart. I have personal rules that I live by, they are don't intentionally hurt anyone, say sorry if I ever do.  Earn an honest living, live a clean life, give your love freely, be trusting, and don't judge people by what you see, it is what you cannot see that matters.  That is why I had an hallelujah moment today listening to the radio I heard the Daughters of Davis on Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding. 
The were talking about the #notplayingthegame campaign
and I was both intrigued and elated that these beautiful young women are playing a lead role in this campaign. 
A very short post for me but I am still unwell but felt I had to share this.

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