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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Remember when #1

Hello again

Here I am quickly running out of time.  I had managed to write and schedule several blogs last week and felt quite good about myself, and now, all scheduled posts are up and I am playing catch up again.  I just don't know where time goes, it is an age thing though.   When you are young with no commitments you have all the time in the world, but when you are 60 with creaking joints and sleepless nights, working full time as well as all the other housewifely things that need to be done daily it's bloody hard.   I am sure if I drove I would have more time, but alas, as I have epilepsy, that will never happen, unless I can get a driverless car.

Well where are we up to crafting wise.

Well, the eagerly awaited Sheena Douglass Remember When stencils and stamps arrived on Saturday morning and I had a good play.  My crafty make today isn't the best I know but for a very very first attempt at using Pebeo cement with stencils I don't think it is a too bad of a job - ooh that sounds very northern!!  So here it is.  Same image but with the light hitting them differently.  I have to say, I threw everything I could at this.  I once remember the great Sheena Douglass saying if you don't like it keep going because you will end up with something you do like - and I did.  There are some great shows which can still be seen on Hochanda for these stencils so I won't even try to show you how these wonderful products work but here is a link to a video from one of the Hochanda shows. https://www.hochanda.com/Cinemas/15010/30-03-2017/09/Remember-When-by-Sheena-One-Day-Special  They do disappear after a while so you may still be able to catch them maybe on you tube.

Sorry this is so short today but please pop by soon.


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